An exceptional Wagram hotel: the Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées to be seduced by luxury

The Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées is one of the most beautiful hotels in the 17th district. Located on the Place de l'Etoile, this Wagram hotel offers an upscale experience.

Your hotel avenue de Wagram as the highlight of your stay

Coming to Paris and staying in the beautiful districts is part of the pleasure of the stay. It gives a couple's weekend a touch that really allows them to get out of their habits. Spending a night at the Wagram Hotel on Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées is to enjoy a refined hotel know-how. You are not welcomed as if you were a guest of the hotel but as if you were at home. You will not cease to take pleasure in detailing each small element of the decoration, understanding that the care given to the details makes the character quite simply unique of this hotel in Paris 17. Each room has its own style and personality. The suites offer an even more magical and romantic atmosphere. From the rooms and suites the suites offer an even more magical and romantic atmosphere, with a view of the Arc de Triomphe, but also a hammam shower and a whirlpool bath for the most exceptional. And outside the room, you will enjoy a breakfast which, by its variety, its quality and its specialities, will be worth a restaurant.


Hotel near Wagram and Ternes, a sensational location


The Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées sets the tone for your stay with its name alone. For the Christmas market, for the 14th of July or for any other day of the year, you have the most beautiful avenue in the world all to yourself. Its location opens the doors to the great tourist classics of the capital. But from your hotel facing the Avenue de Wagram in Paris, why not discover the Parc Monceau, the Fondation Vuitton, or go to a concert in the magnificent Salle Pleyel ? This is also what it means to choose an exceptional Wagram hotel, to go out in Paris in a less predictable way and to favour equally extraordinary places in the capital. But no matter how successful all these places are, none of them will stand up to the comfort of your Wagram hotel.

Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées | Wagram Hotel
Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées | Wagram Hotel
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