Live your romantic Parisian stay in the most beautiful hotel in the capital

Don't look for the name of the most beautiful hotel for a romantic Parisian stay: it's the Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées. This 5 star hotel facing the Arc de Triomphe is simply a dream.

The wonderful starting point for your romantic getaway in Paris

All over the world, Paris is considered the capital of lovers. And in any capital city there must be a hotel of reference to spend a magical stay. This hotel for a romantic Parisian stay is the Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées. It does not proclaim itself romantic, it proves it by being one of the most beautiful boutique-hotels of the capital. Its classic style, the layout of the rooms, the suites with a view of the Arc de Triomphe, this is already a few arguments for this hotel in Paris 17 to seduce you. The highlight of the romanticism of the rooms, in addition to the huge premium beds, are of course the spa bathtubs found in some rooms. They offer a magical opportunity for a moment of intimacy that you won't forget, all immersed in the luxury of a romantic getaway in Paris and its most beautiful romantic hotel.

A romantic stay in Paris that you'll never want to end

How could you want to leave with one or two nights at Maison Albar Hotels Le Champs-Elysées? Your romantic Parisian stay will undoubtedly have taken you along the banks of the Seine, you will have had the pleasure of discovering an exhibition or a great museum, you will also certainly enjoy one of the gastronomic restaurants that can be found in all the great districts of the capital. No matter how you go out as a couple on your romantic getaway in Paris, there is always something to do and discover. And all this is nothing, even if you are in Paris, compared to the pleasure of staying in these exceptional rooms. Finally, and to make the most of this establishment, the website's exclusive rate offers will help you perfect every moment. Whether you come to find yourself, declare your love or make a commitment, everything around you will be in the image of this perfect moment.

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